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About us

Make happy living is our mantra – because we love beautiful things with a twist.
Aspegren ApS is a Danish design company, specializing in the production of industrial design products such as interior textiles and  interior decorations of different kinds. Based on high quality Danish craftmanship, we develop beautiful and creative products with a twist, always trying to inspire a happy and colorful life. In short, we create fine things of high quality for your home with respect and care.

Aspegren ApS was established in 2000...
when Charlotte Aspegren’s wish of participating in the Danish fair Formland with her own products came through. For many years it had been a dream for Charlotte, who has many years of experience with design and craftmanship, to start up her own company, but, a busy life with a full time job and 3 children, didn’t leave her the time and energy to carry out this dream.

However, one day  in 2000, Charlotte’s husbond, Ole, took the matter into his hands and booked a stand for Charlotte at Formland, and soon after the adventure had begun. In 2003 Charlotte’s husbond Ole joined the company, Ole had worked as a technician at the local theater, Odense Teater, for many years, but spent more and more time assisting Charlotte with Aspegren ApS, as the company expanded due to her great success. Today Aspegren ApS is selling its design products in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Japan.

The Values of Aspegren Denmark...
are respect, thoughtfulness (care) and quality, values which are of paramount importance to the founders, Charlotte and Ole, who believe it is worth while to behave decently and with care.

Aspegren ApS has its textile products produced in India under decent working conditions. We are very aware of our responsibility as a foreign producer and we try to do our utmost to ensure that our products are made under decent conditions. All in all, we believe it is worth while to behave decently in every aspect of life, therefore we also value the human aspect of the production very highly, and that is also part of the quality we are proud to represent.

Team Aspegren